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New titles include a book for the Christian education market



Sedona, AZ - January 16, 2006 - Whacky Music, Inc., makers of Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes and accessories has added three new volumes to their assortment of books for music education and group fun. Tube Time™, Volume 2 and Totally Tubular™, Volume 2 are both sequels to popular existing titles in the company's broad offering of support materials for the tubes. The third title, Bible Boomers™, has been developed specifically for the Christian education market in schools and churches.

"This past year we've actually really focused on creating more 'value added' by developing a vast array of support materials for our musical tubes," says Craig Ramsell, company president and inventor of the Boomwhackers tubes. "The two latest books by our Director of Educational Materials, Ellen Foncannon, also show a new direction in developing fun and original materials that specifically have an exercise component as well. Even schools that don't have strong music education programs can now introduce musical activities through their physical education classes. We're also very excited to introduce Bible Boomers for use with Boomwhackers tubes in Christian schools and churches."

Totally Tubular, Volume 2, a book of games and activities for Boomwhackers Musical Tubes, continues the fun begun with our best-selling Volume 1. It includes games, P.E. and music activities using the tubes as musical instruments, rhythm sticks and game props. Great for team building and harmony with any age group, kids to adults. Activities incorporate rhythm, drama, movement, singing and physical action. The book includes an instrumental CD with music and rhythm track accompaniments.

Tube Time, Volume 2, is filled with music and P.E. activities for young children from preshcool to grade two. Written for the music novice or specialist alike, the lessons using Boomwhackers Tubes are successful with all learning styles. National Music Standards are addressed and many lessons also meet P.E. standards. Both energetic and quiet activities achieve 100% class participation with lyrics, instruments, singing and rhythmic movement. A sing-long CD is included.

Created specifically for Christian education, Bible Boomers incorporates scriptural themes, rhythm, drama and movement in original and traditional songs. A Bible verse reference and suggestions for action performance accompany each song. Choose from several options for easy direction using the included color cards and both sing-along and instrumental tracks on the CD. It also has game card templates for the "Transformer Game."

Boomwhackers Musical Tubes are made of brightly colored plastic, color-coded and tuned by length to different musical notes. They are played simply by whacking them on something and are popular with music educators internationally as a fun, easy way to teach music. The Tubes are also used by music therapists and team-building, motivation and creativity consultants. They have won several major awards including the Parents' Choice Best 25 Toys of 25 Years.

Whacky Music, Inc. was started in 1998 by Craig Ramsell to produce and distribute the musical tubes he invented in 1994 when recycling a cardboard gift-wrap tube. The tube was too long for the curbside recycling pick-up requirements, so Ramsell cut it in two. He then whimsically played the two pieces on his thighs and whack! — the idea was born right then and there.

Over four million Boomwhackers Musical Tubes have been sold to date. The company estimates that millions of the tubes are being used for music education in schools around the world. The company also produces an entire line of educational materials for using the tubes in classrooms and other group environments.

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