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Innovative Musical Tubes Reach Another Milestone



Sedona, AZ - January 18, 2006 - Whacky Music, Inc., announced today that the worldwide sales of its award-winning Boomwhackers® Tuned Percussion Tubes have surpassed 4 million tubes. First introduced in 1995, the patented Boomwhackers are unique instruments made of brightly colored plastic and tuned by length to different musical notes. They are a favorite of music educators around the world and were named one of the Best 25 Toys in 25 Years by Parents’ Choice Foundation.

“These million-mark milestones are coming along more quickly, and we’re really looking forward to 5 million,” says company president and inventor of the tubes, Craig Ramsell. “We really appreciate all the support and recognition we’ve received along the way, particularly in the music education realm.” Ramsell estimates that well over half of the tubes are in schools around the world, assisting the next generation of music makers with their music education. “If three-quarters of the sales are in fact to schools, and they average a classroom quantity of 30 tubes apiece, that means that 100,000 schools could have our musical tubes,” says Ramsell.

Whacky Music now has 18 resource publications for Boomwhackers tubes, with all but a handful aimed at the education market. “More publications are in the works for this year,” states Ramsell, “and we have several other exciting products planned as well. We are aiming to expand the usefulness of the Chroma-Notes™ Colored Music System on which the Boomwhackers are based by introducing colored stickers to apply to existing instruments. We’re also working on software that’s based on our musical tubes and the Chroma-Notes colors as well as a new mounting system for the tubes."

Whacky Music, Inc. was started in 1998 by Craig Ramsell to produce and distribute the musical tubes he invented in 1994 when recycling a cardboard gift-wrap tube. The tube was too long for the curbside recycling pick-up requirements, so Ramsell cut it in two. He then whimsically played the two pieces on his thighs and whack! — the idea was born right then and there.

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