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Sedona, AZ - July 5, 2007 - Whacky Music, Inc., is announcing that Boomwhackers® Tubes and Chroma-Notes™ Instruments have been incorporated into Finale® 2008, the latest version of the world's best-selling music notation software by MakeMusic,Inc.

Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes and Chroma-Notes™ Instruments were added to the list of instruments individuals can select when using the program's setup wizard to create their own original music scores. Users can click on Boomwhackers® when using the Finale® software, and musical note heads are automatically colored in the Chroma-Notes™ colors-scheme, which Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes are based upon.

The sampled sounds of the tubes will play according to the note and playback for the full 44-note range that is achievable with Boomwhackers®. Finale® users can also choose Chroma-Notes™ Instruments in the setup wizard and get the same Chroma-Notes™ colored notes in the music with the sound defaulting to a grand piano. Chroma-Notes™ can help children and new musicians learn to read music faster than traditional methods.

"Whacky Music, Inc. is excited to have MakeMusic, Inc., add these features to their popular Finale® software," explains Craig Ramsell, president of Whacky Music, Inc. and creator of Boomwhackers®. "This is a further validation to the importance of Boomwhackers® and Chroma-Notes™ colors, especially within the music education realm."

The Finale® 2008 software also features templates for Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes that helps educators develop their own teaching materials for Boomwhackers®.

About Whacky Music, Inc., and Boomwhackers:

Whacky Music, Inc. was formed in 1998 and introduced Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes to both the musical instrument and educational toy markets. They came about when Whacky Music president Craig Ramsell was recycling a cardboard gift-wrap tube that was longer than allowed for curbside pickup. He cut the tube in two, played both pieces on his thighs and whack! — Boomwhackers® Tubes were born. Now, the company has a full range of products for the musical tubes, including more than 20 music books and accessories for all ages to enjoy. For more information, please visit or call 928-282-3860.

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