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Curriculum series, preschool & camping songbooks now available


Sedona, AZ - February 3, 2005 - Whacky Music, Inc., makers of Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes, today announced the completion of three major publishing projects. All three further enhance the company’s key role in musical education, according to Craig Ramsell, Whacky Music president and inventor of the popular, award-winning Boomwhackers.

Volumes 4 and 5 of the Boom-a-Tunes™ music curriculum series have just been completed, the culmination of a three-year project. The curriculum now enables students from grades K through 6 to read, play and understand music by using the comprehensive teaching program and Boomwhackers tubes, according to Ramsell.

"This is a real milestone for Whacky Music,” says Ramsell. “The Boom-a-Tunes series is a complete package, which includes lesson plans, work sheets, activities, assessment tests, even accompaniment CDs. We are very proud of the work done on this series by Ellen Foncannon, our Director of Educational Materials, and are delighted to offer the most comprehensive teaching curriculum ever developed for use with our musical tubes.”

Another publication just off the press is Tube Time™ Volume 1, a book of preschool songs and activities using Boomwhackers Musical Tubes. This publication marks the company’s first entry into the enormous preschool market. Foncannon, a well-known composer, music teacher and lecturer, describes this book as “a creative collection of musical and kinesthetic games that involve motor skills, rhythm, singing, listening and cooperative play.” She said the material is teacher-friendly, creative and just plain fun.

The third completed publishing project announced by Ramsell is Tubular™ Camp Songs Volume 1, another entry in Whacky Music’s “Tubular™ Songbooks” series. This book of traditional favorite camp songs is “designed to enhance the camping experience through team-building, physical activity and grooving to the beat using the tubes,” said Ramsell. The camping market is another new niche for Whacky Music, one long neglected and deserving of its own unique approach.

First introduced in 1995, the patented Boomwhackers tubes are unique instruments made of brightly colored plastic and tuned by length to different musical notes. Create different sounds by whacking a table, a chair, the floor, your thigh, your shoe, whatever! Whack two tubes together to create harmony. They make it easy to jam with friends and family because they are so easy to play.

Foncannon, who authored the curriculum series and all of the Tubular songbooks, brings her many years of experience to bear on these unique projects for Whacky Music. “This is fun stuff!” she says, “anything but boring. Music is now a contact sport. The fun part was the first thing that attracted me to the tubes. The kinesthetic experience provides an effective way to teach music.”

She said when a student has finished the five-volume series, he or she can not only read music but can also understand some advanced musical concepts including major and minor intervals and chords. Songs are either original compositions by Foncannon, classical masterworks, or folk songs that not only advance the musical lessons but are also excellent for performance. The lyrics themselves are educational; they teach certain principles emphasized in the lessons.

The now-complete Boom-a-Tunes music curriculum series is expected to further enhance Whacky Music’s key role in the musical education of America’s children.

For more information please contact Craig Ramsell or Ellen Foncannon at 928-282-3860 or by e-mail: If you would like a digital image of Ellen or any Whacky Music products, please let us know and we will send you an attachment via e-mail. You are also invited to log onto

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