Color Signals Instruction

Boomalong™ Color Signal Instructions

The Color Signals are used to lead melodies or chords with the Boomwhackers ® Tubes. Players play their tube when their color is shown, to the rhythm indicated by the director. The single note high C is marked with a prime sign to differentiate it from middle C. Chords are specified as major or minor. “Open fifths” are a chord without the middle note, allowing more harmonic versatility. The Signals are specially designed for use with the Tubular™ series books, but can also be used with other materials.

The Notation Cards, with colored note heads, allow a smooth transition from Color Signals to reading standard notation. The names of the chords are printed lightly on the front of the cards to enable their use as flashcards.

To lead a song: Hold the cards by hand and move them up and down to indicate the rhythm pattern. To use three or more color signals to lead a group, more than one leader may be needed, since it is difficult for one person to juggle more than two signals.

Another way to lead a song: Place the cards on a visible surface and tap them with a pointer or a long tube in rhythm as they should be played. Use the rhythms indicated in the music or make up your own.

The chords are in root position with the lowest note being the name of the chord. They can be played in any octave. If you want to maintain root position and you don’t have the Treble Extension tubes, use Octavator Caps or bass tubes. If root position is not relevant, any matching color tubes may be used, regardless of length, to achieve the same harmony.

Chord Symbols: In the Tubular series, or any music with chord symbols, the chords are indicated by letters above the staff. For convenience, we have placed the chord name at the beginning of every line. A single letter name indicates a major chord. A letter followed by a lower case ‘m’, indicates a minor chord. To make it easy to see the chord symbols, use highlighters or colored pencils to color-code the letter names on the music sheets.

To hang the signals or notation cards in the classroom, tape or sticky-tack are versatile and easily moved. Self-stick Velcro could be used as a semi-permanent mounting system. The signals could be left up as a long-term display.

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