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Notation Cards
Single Notes

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  Color Signal sets are posted on the side bar. Simply click on a link and open the PDF file to print. We are including a few guidelines for printing which will vary depending on the type of printer you have, what paper you use, and the condition of the print heads, etc.

Color Signals and Notation Cards use our Chroma-Notes ™ Color System, which determines the note colors of our Boomwhackers ® Tubes.

Color Signals
Color Signals are used to lead melodies or chords with Tubes. Players play their tube when their color is shown, to the rhythm indicated by the director. The single note high C is marked with a prime sign to differentiate it from middle C. Chords are specified as major or minor. “Open fifths” are a chord without the middle note, allowing more harmonic versatility. The Signals are specially designed for use with the Tubular™ series books, but can also be used with other materials

Notation Cards


Mini Color Signals include all of the notes from the Diatonic Set on a page of 20 two-inch squares. See Ellen’s Tube Tips #3 for suggested uses. There is also a page of Mini Chromatic Color Signals.

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