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Whacky Music offers six series of books with sheet music, musical games, and activities all to do with musical tubes. Click on one of the series to go to the catalog page for that title. Check out the sample pages of sheet music and lesson plans in PDF form.

The Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum Series is designed for teaching standard music notation along with general music skills. Grades K-6.

Totally Tubular™ is our game and activity series. It can be used in classrooms, fun groups, team building sessions, and just to HAVE FUN! Action for all ages.


The Tube™ Time Preschool Songs and Activities Books are just right for preschool through second grade.

Tubular Series
Well-known songs in multi-level format can be used in classrooms, fun groups, team building sessions, and just to HAVE FUN!

Bible Boomers™ Vol. 1
incorporates the sound and action of the tubes to express the stories of these scripturally based songs. Great performance ideas.
The Building Blocks Series For beginners, an alternative to traditional notation using color-coded squares.
Music teachers love the fact that the Boomwhackers Tubes can be used to teach all three primary musical elements: rhythm, melody, and harmony.  The different tones help children learn rhythms easily.  Groups can also play music note by note as a hand bell choir would. 
The possibilities for making music are unlimited!
 See our page Especially for Teachers and Working with Groups pages for more information
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