Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum Series by Ellen Foncannon
Kid tested and teacher approved! Each volume in this sequenced music education curriculum comes with lesson plans, activities, scores and MENC standards, with reproducible student visuals, lyrics, work sheets, and final reviews. Actively involve all your students with music they can really get their hands on. Instrumental CD included in each book. Spans Grades K-6.


Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum, Volume 1 
by Ellen Foncannon  (Diatonic Set)
Student Visual: D Is In a Space (PDF)

       Lesson: D Is In a Space (PDF)
       Score: Who-a-whack-a? (PDF)
: Who-a-whack-a? (PDF)
       Table of Contents (PDF)

Volume 1 (Uses C Major Diatonic Set) introduces treble music notation skills. Educational lyrics teach location of the notes on the staff and integrate singing and playing to involve the entire class. 20 lessons, Grades K-3. 




Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum, Volume 2 

by Ellen Foncannon ( Diatonic and Treble Extension Sets)
Score: We Go Together (PDF)
       Lesson: We Go Together (PDF)
       Lesson: Whack the Tarantula (PDF)
       Student Visual: Whack the Tarantula (PDF)
       Table of Contents (PDF)

Volume 2 (Uses C Major Diatonic and Treble Extension Sets) Completes treble clef reading through high G. 6/8 time introduced with memorable lyrics, “An eighth note gets one beat. Stomp your feet!”  13 lessons, Grades 2-5.




Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum, Volume 3
by Ellen Foncannon (Diatonic, Bass Diatonic, Treble Extension Sets
and Octavator Caps.)
Lesson: Dastardly D (PDF)
        Score: Dastardly D (PDF)
        Lesson: Meter Mix Up (PDF)

        Student Visual: Meter Mix Up (PDF)
        Table of Contents (PDF)

Volume 3 (Uses C Major Diatonic, Treble Extension & Bass Diatonic Sets and Octavator™ Tube Caps) Introduces bass clef and grand staff reading. Covers time signatures, flats, dynamics. 13 Lessons, Grades 3-6.




Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum, Volume
by Ellen Foncannon (Diatonic, Bass Diatonic, Treble Extension Sets
and Octavator Caps.) 

Lesson: Don't Throw the Flat (PDF)
       Score: Don't Throw the Flat (PDF)
       Lesson: Egyptian Ballet Dance (PDF)
       Student Visual: Egyptian Ballet Dance (PDF)

       Table of Contents (PDF)

Volume 4 (Uses all Boomwhackers® Tube Sets [except Pentatonic] and Octavator™ Tube Caps) Completes bass clef notes and grand staff reading. Also covers mixed meter, tempo markings, intervals, accents and accidentals. Involves the entire class in singing and playing. 11 Lessons, Grades 4-6.




Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum, Volume 5
by Ellen Foncannon   
 (This book requires all Boomwhackers Tube sets which include Treble and Bass Diatonic, Treble Extension, Treble and Bass Chromatic and Octavator™ Caps.)     
 Lesson: Rockin' Heart with Soul (PDF)
       Student Visual: Rockin' Heart with Soul (PDF)
       Lesson: Rock, Scissors, Paper (PDF)
Score: Rock, Scissors, Paper (PDF)
       Table of Contents (PDF)

Volume 5 (Uses all Boomwhackers® Tube Sets [except Pentatonic] and Octavator™ Tube Caps) Covers triplets, seventh chords and Latin rhythms, mixed meter, major/ minor/perfect intervals and tempo markings. Includes instrumental themes from Bach, Beethoven and Grieg and 2- & 3-part choral pieces. 10 Lessons, Grades 5-6.


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    Music teachers love the fact that the Boomwhackers Tubes can be used to teach all three primary musical elements: rhythm, melody, and harmony.  The different tones help children learn rhythms easily.  Groups can also play music note by note as a hand bell choir would. 
The possibilities for making music are unlimited!
 See our page Especially for Teachers and Working with Groups pages for more information
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