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You got a taste from our main Quotes page.  Here we "pull out the stops" with more comments from kids, parents / other adults, educators, music therapists, church choir directors, group facilitators, and professional musicians.  The vast majority of these quotes were unsolicited e-mail messages from folks wanting us to know how delighted they were to discover our musical tubes.  FYI, the quotes from the Quotes page are repeated in the appropriate section below.

We've separated out comments from outside the U.S. so you can see where else our musical tubes are making a difference.

Simply read on or skip to the section that interests you most by clicking on a category in this list:

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"I have seen (and heard) your product.  Very cool."  D.

"i think Boomwhackers r awesome"

"Oh my God Boomwhackers are so cool! They are the coolest thing since the Yo-Yo!"

"great product    all six of my children love them"

"These Boomwhackers are such fun. Thanks!!!"

"Thank you, we truly LOVE your Boomwhackers!"  C. P.

"I have fallen in love Boomwhackers. They are GREAT!"  S.

"I think they are really cool."

"I just saw your Boomwhackers and I want some!"  S. W.

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"...my second grade was putting on a musical for the school.  I was picked to play one of the Boomwhackers. I was very happy and I wanted to learn more about them.  I want to take percussion when I get into middle school. Then Santa gave me a set of whackers and a book and a CD. I am very happy, and I love playing with my Boomwhackers.  Thank you for making them!   C.

"Thanks a lot for the Boomwhackers.  Since I am just eleven and a beginner percussionist, I really appreciate something to help me practice.  I enjoy banging them on pretty much anything and even though I already have drum sticks and a practice pad, they are a lot more fun.  I hope I will follow through to be a top percussionist and these Boomwhackers might make it that much easier."  J. B.

"I am 13 and am in a Boomwhacker band...  Our band has an awards evening performance and a music concert.  We are also making a c.d.  All of us except Tom have had drumming backgrounds but we still found these instruments an invigorating and refreshing change. Thank you so much for inventing these!"  H. T.

"Did you cut a deal with Disney's Animal Kingdom to buy all those Boomwhackers???  I am a senior at Harrison Arts Center, and our school was one of the schools chosen to open the new theme park.  When we were rehearsing the show, I saw your Email address on the whacker.  I like the Boomwhackers (with 400 kids, they make a powerful effect)."

"You probably hear this a billion times a day, but your Boomwhackers are awesome.  I just celebrated my sixteenth birthday and got a nice chunk of cash from my grandparents.  My mom asked "What are you going to spend it on?"  Most girls my age buy clothes or make-up.  YUK!!  Even though I had only seen Boomwhackers once before and never heard their sound, i knew that was what I wanted... They are a wonderful addition to my growing collection of unique musical instruments.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!!"  M.

"I'm the founding member of a street performance group based primarily on the use of Boomwhackers. The group is fairly young, however we have been overwhelmingly successful in our endeavors.  After our first performance we were invited to play in several festivals and conduct workshops for youth groups. Thanks for the great product."  J. P.

"Hi! My music teacher at my school likes your Boomwhackers.  She has us hit them against our shoes, or a bar, but my friend used her head! I am in a special group of singers...  Our group is only for very musically talented students.  I am in 6th grade.  Me and the rest of the 6th grade section of the Symphony Singers don't really quite know your song about Boomwhackers by heart yet."

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"My wife and I bought Boomwhackers for our children and we love them.  We would like to get another set or two for the children of some friends.   We think that you have an excellent product and we'd like to be able to share this with our friends."  D. F. (M. D.)

"My 14-year-old is loving his set of Boomwhackers.  Being a talented, young musician, he longs for a complete major scale.  His birthday is coming...how can I get the missing notes into his musical hands before March?  (His mother & My wife is going to use his set in the college music appreciation class she teaches to demonstrate the pitch/length principle.)"  J. W.

"My 4 yr. old received Boomwhackers for his birthday, and they would be a great gift."  K. R.

"Love the Boomwhackers - great fun!!  My sister bought them for me and my children up in Washington.  We also had seen them being played at Suzuki String camp on stupid music tricks night."  A.C.

"I recently purchased one of your products... My husband and I and four children are excited about this unique and multifunctional musical instrument!!"  J. P.

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Workplace / Facilitated Events

"An associate of mine saw your product at the CIPSI conference last week & does not want to go on with his work day without a BOOMWHACKER.  Please help."  C. E.

"...what a great product.  One of our VP's said it was the first time they had ever played a musical instrument and had a ball."  S.

"Just did a creative design program and a guy had a bag of Boomwhackers....  They were great!  We would talk and design and brainstorm and then take a music break and play pseudo-Aboriginal, quasi-modal, impromptu syncopated jazz!  SOoooooo...how do I get a hold of my own set of these wild things?  Good luck and thanks for making them."  P. B.

"This past week I was involved with a program at the University of Michigan.  We were doing a team building training for over 1500 ("XYZ" Company) employees.  Our first activity was to get all the employees to play a song together using Boomwhackers.  It was great and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it."  G. H.

"I was just a workshop for the ("XYZ" Company) and we used the Boomwhacker tubes to create a world beat!!  It was awesome.  ...I would like to use this activity with our resident assistants and during our new student orientation."  J. W.

"A motivational speaker used your product with our group today. What great time!  I would love to purchase some of the tubes for my kids, and perhaps even their school."  J. R.

"Where can I buy Boomwhackers?  I used them in a group training session last week and loved them.  They would be a great Christmas present."  J. T.

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"We were searching for some fun musical supplies for our group home for mentally retarded adults with developmental ages below 3 yrs.  When the Boomwhackers arrived in the administrative office, they caused quite a stir.  What a sight the five of us made whacking the table and creating melodies.  I was so much fun...  Our residents gave them a workout.  Music nights will never be the same old boring scene.  Staff and residents are delighted."

"Bought a set of Boomwhackers today.  They are a hoot.  Planning to take them to a family reunion. Great concept."

"I run a program for people with special needs... and would like to purchase them for an upcoming program for multiply handicapped children.  I saw the Boomwhackers at the Childrens Museum of the Arts where I was doing a staff training.  I was immediately attracted to them and couldn't stop  playing and also of thinking of the possibilities for their use. It is a great idea..."  P.

"Saw a friend's new set of Boomwhackers yesterday and if I can afford it, I've got to have a set!  BTW, I LOVED your glossary!  Just when I thought they couldn't get any more fun, I saw that and laughed even more!  IMHO, every school in the US should have multiple sets!"  A.

"My cousin brought her set of Boomwhackers to the family reunion where we had a delightful time bonking ourselves on the head to several favorite tunes."  J. H.

"We got to play with your wonderful product at the Percussive Arts Society Museum.  Please send info on prices, etc."  T. S.

"Boomwhackers don't break or rust and are a fun tool for all ages!  Thanks - these are GREAT FUN!"  G. S.

"I attended a meeting last week where one of the presenters used these tubes when discussing teamwork.   I loved them.  I am a 14-year Girl Scout leader and would love to purchase about 30 of  these for use in Girl Scouts."

"I feel that the inclusion of your percussion tubes in our workshops would be incredible! I absolutely love your invention!"  T. M.

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Grade level non-specific

"They are fun, educational and economical, and kids of all ages love them!" Chris Judah Lauder

"Boomwhackers are the best thing to HIT the music market in years. STRIKE a positive note with your students!" Ellen Foncannon

I find the Boomwhackers to be a dream come true for my work as a musician/educator... Boomwhackers function on so many different levels:  there is a lot of cognitive realization going on - about air and air columns and vibration and relative pitch and all the underpinnings for a deeper approach to and understanding of notation; they are physical and fun and universally attractive; they are immediately playable so I can get right down to working those 2 against 3 rhythms!; they modernize ancient musical instrument concepts, like the stamping tube; they blur the line between percussion and melody because they do both (I love to see lights go on for kids as I change the order in our ensemble work and a new melody emerges from their collective rhythm making); they invite by their nature a collective and co-operative approach to music making, which has positive ramifications in our too often competitive society..."  T. W.

"I use Boomwhackers with hundreds of kids every week...  I really do enjoy playing Boomwhackers and the kids love them.  Thanks for a versatile and so approachable musical experience." W. M.

"I have fallen in love with your Boomwhackers.  So much so that I give seminars around the country using your Whackers."  S. C.

"A friend of mine was at a conference, recently and she got a set of your tuned percussion tubes.  I love Them!!!!... I want sets for my classroom!!  Thank You !!!"  J. A.

"Your product continues to be an important tool for me in my ensemble work in the schools where I consult.  I ESPECIALLY  have been successful getting to "alternative" kids  with the Boomwhackers.  These kids are into little else in school and in a few cases even rebel against the one thing they are good at and that's music.  The Boomwhackers somehow let them be younger and child like while at the same time they are creating and performing."  C. N.

"I bought the C Major set at the IMEA Fall conference held here in Ames each November.  We have had a blast with our adult friends including husbands who have no musical knowledge at all!"  M. P.

"Was just introduced to Boomwhackers at an Orff workshop.  Love them!  Desperately want more information to obtain some for my music classes!  Please send!  Please send!"  P. R.

"We are enjoying the tubes very much at school.  Some friends at other schools plan to order some for their schools.  It's a great fun item!  Thanks,"  C. D.

"Saw your Boomwhackers at the Artists in the School program in Columbus Ohio a few weeks ago.  Love them!  Trying to write a grant to fund their purchase.  L. S.

"Already, teachers and the principal have been by the music room and can't seem to keep their hands off the Boomwhackers.  I'm thinking of having an exploration session with the whole staff just to let them have fun and help me discover cool ways of using these new toys (ahem, I mean instruments)."  J. J.

"I, like many teachers across the country, if not the world, avidly use Boomwhackers for rhythm instruction and just plain havin' fun! Thanks for the great creation."  K. T.

"I bought your lovely tubes at an Orff workshop last weekend, and have spent the week using them to teach everything from fabulous sound-making, to why we don't have "H" in the scale.  They are great!  I just love your invention.  So do my students... Thanks for being so inventive."  M. L.

"I was fortunate enough to attend a music teachers training camp where your Boomwhackers were  demonstrated.  They were so much fun and  I know that the kids in the choir I teach  would enjoy using them and would learn a great deal as well.

"My students love using the diatonic Boomwhackers.  I have a set at each of my 3 schools now.  Great way to teach about pitch, especially to youngsters."  G. M.

"I had the best time after school last Friday whacking the tubes in the hall while the kids went to their buses to go home. I was unpacking the Boomwhackers and just couldn't help myself...everyone wanted to whack away like me!"  C.

"I recently became aware of Boomwhackers and just received my first Pentatonic set, with caps.  Awesome, and so simple it takes my breath away.  I shall begin using them when I do my workshops in schools and elsewhere to help participants learn the rhythms first without the stress of hitting the drum correctly.  I think the Universe must have sent this to the originator.  So, thank you Universe and thank you."  J. A.

"Thanks for such a fun, educational product!  I've used Boomwhackers to teach all grades in school music, high school choir, and even my adult church choir had fun trying them out."  C. C.

"I recently saw and had the opportunity to play with the Boomwhackers.  Fun, fun, fun!  ...I am eager to introduce the Boomwhackers to the children I work with."  R.

"I'm very excited about your product.  I'm running a very successful Handbell / ChoirChime program at my school...  I'm always looking for new timbres for the kids to experiment with.  I currently have sets of Chimes and Handbells.  Your Whackers give us another avenue to practice the same old stuff in yet another exciting way."  J. K.

"The kids love these instruments!!"  L.

"I have your C diatonic scale Boomwhackers, and my students absolutely love them!  I haven't met a person yet--student or teacher!--who hasn't been enchanted with them, and they have been quite the stress relievers for some!  Thanks for making them!"  J. D.

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K - 6

"I am a fan of your Boomwhackers and enjoy using three sets, including the 6 note pentatonic scale, the 8 note diatonic scale and the bass diatonic set.  I use the Boomwhackers to provide tubular fun with my kindergarten music students, family and friends for hootenannies, and family members for birthday celebrations."  L. W.

"Just thought I would tell you that I used the Boomwhackers in two second grade classrooms today. I expected the classes to go well, but I had no idea how much these kids would love it!! The teachers went wild.
It was nice because all of the students felt like they could participate without the fear that they might make a mistake. The teachers were excited because it took the fear out of teaching music for them as well. I will be trying them out in other classrooms in the next few weeks. If it keeps going well I will present it to our PTA/Principal to purchase them for our school as part of a classroom music curriculum. We have an amazing school, but under the current fiscal crisis in California this product might allow us to keep classroom music in the schools." K.K.

"My students love the Boomwhackers that I have - from Kindergarten to 6th Grade.  I am using them daily."  W. W.

"I just received my new Boomwhackers today.  We are having fun experimenting with them.  I would love to use them in my music classes in school with kids from Pre-Kinder. to 6th grade."  L. I.

"I think they are great for teaching children some music fundamentals.  If you have more ideas, please send them.  I teach Third thru Sixth grade in the Music Education department.  I have two octaves of the Tubes (C major)."  S. S.

"Thank you for your innovation!  I teach elementary school and use them for a composition assignment.  Sometimes I think adults enjoy them more than the kids.  Learning can be fun,"  L. F.

"Our big kids, the sixth graders, have been having fun using some of the new instruments... Our purchase of Boomwhackers has made music making a new and fun adventure this year... Ask a sixth grader about Boomwhackers!"

"I saw and heard Boomwhackers at a workshop...  I'd like to buy several pentatonic sets for the school where I teach 3rd through 5th-grade music."  J. G.

"I'm a sixth grade teacher in California who would like to purchase Boomwhackers for both classroom and choir/drama uses.  I was introduced to them through a percussion workshop.  The possibilities for community building and music instruction (I'm Kodaly certified) have me quite excited."  R. C.

"My fourth graders lay the tubes on the floor with the Octavator cap end facing to their right.  Then they take a soft mallet and tap on the caps to produce the tone.  It makes a cool Marimba / Xylophone sound that is very soothing and resonates well. They improvise pentatonically and come up with really cool stuff!  R. F., Music K-4

"I am a Kindergarten teacher and I saw your product.  I do a lot of rhythm work with my students.  I need your pipes. They are sooo fun."  W.

"I am an elementary teacher who bought a set of your Boomwhackers in Phoenix last year at the National Music Educators Convention.  I am now in a creative arts graduate school... We had to
do a special presentation and I used your Boomwhackers.  I have had many inquires since from other teachers in my program."  C. S.

"Yesterday, I demonstrated them to a group of K-2 elementary classroom teachers in the Washington School District and many asked me where they could buy them.  My students LOVE to use the Boomwhackers and I have used them to teach what a scale is, up and down movement, steady beat, melodic rhythm, and intervals."  S. L.

"There are 4 teachers of Kindergarten in my school and we are all interested in purchasing a set or two of your instruments. We have been educated in their use and we feel they would be extremely useful in our program!!"  G.

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"I am a Middle School Band and Choir teacher...  I have been looking for something new to do with the drummers (you know band teachers always have too many) and I think I have found it.  I purchased 2 sets of the 6 note Boomwhackers with the intention of having one at home for
my four year old son and one for school.  My son has fallen in love with them.  He plays them everywhere.  I have been trying ever since he was born to get him engaged with instruments and music but he has been lukewarm until now.   I can't wait to get them to school to see what the kids can do with them... Thanks for a great product."  S. S.

"I recently attended a business function where your tubes were used.  I am a music teacher and am very interested in using them in my classroom. (grades 6 - 8)"  D. J.

"I am a music education teacher and am looking for new innovative ways to teach music to my 7th grade general music.  I was recently introduced to Boomwhackers, which I believe have the potential to be great teaching tools."  S. K.

"I have been using your Boomwhackers in my general music (6 - 8) classes. I think they are great, and the kids love them.  Thanks for creating such a great product."  K. K.

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High School

"Boomwhacker percussion tubes are being used as part of our new high school music curriculum 'Music for Life.'  Our curriculum is an activity based hands on curriculum for high school students not involved in performance groups such as band orchestra or chorus...  We are using your percussion tubes as the main 'tool' to present our rhythm unit... We were looking for an inexpensive, attractive, hands on device that would be fun for students and provide a variety of sounds.  Your Boomwhackers have been the perfect solution.  Our students and teachers alike have found the tubes to be a great asset to our curriculum... We also use the tubes to demonstrate a few simple chord progressions..."  Gary Carr, Specialist, Office of Music, Baltimore County Public Schools (2/99)

"HI!  I am a music teacher in Baltimore, Maryland.  I just wanted to let you know I cannot wait to use Boomwhackers in my class.  My school system just started a new course (Music For Life), and I am using a set.  Our professional development day was on Friday, which was where I first saw and used Boomwhackers.  Talk about regressing!!!! (at least for us teachers!)  Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my excitement using your product this school year."


"I am currently offering a "Good Vibrations" science of sound program as an Outreach presentation... I would like to add the Boomwhackers to the show as part of a Hands-On component.  (What an ingenious invention, by the way!)." A.

"I teach physics... One of my colleagues bought your Boomwhackers from a local store, and I was wondering if we could perhaps order a lab set of them.  They work very well to measure the speed of sound."  J.

"I spoke to you last Sunday about Boomwhackers for my school science program.  Well my principal does not want me to wait till I win a grant for Boomwhackers.  He loved them and wants me to purchase some immediately."  J. S.

Outside the Classroom

"Just wanted to let you know I used your Boomwhackers this past week for a summer "Boomwhacker" Camp, which was a complete success."  P. B.

"My primary use of the full set of Boomwhackers will be to use them in my piano studio on a monthly basis for a separate rhythm study... I plan to do a lot of rhythm games, sightreading games, scales, chords, and anything else I can think of that we would do in piano, just transferred onto the tubes.  Something new, something different, learning, but having a blast."  T.

"I'm a Suzuki Piano and Violin teacher.  I used my 'whackers during Vacation Bible School this year with great success.  I only had two C major sets and the kids especially enjoyed playing the F major Bach invention...in C, of course."  M. K.


"Boomwhackers are a RAINBOW of colors and notes that lead all the groups I work with to a pot of musical gold.  Not only WHACKY and fun - these instruments are therapeutic.  I use them to teach health education with kids, teambuilding with corporations, and relationship skills with foster families.  They have been a BIG HIT in the asset building coalition circles and will most certainly grow and grow."  Christine Stevens, Director of Music Therapy and Wellness Programs, Remo, Inc.

"I recently saw some of your Boomwhackers being used at the music therapy conference in Phoenix. Please send me ordering information and 800 number if you have one.  I work with groups of adults and children.  Really enjoyed your product, wish you well." L.

"My music therapist friend brought a set of Boomwhackers to a Music for People teacher training weekend and I was hooked.  They are even friendlier than rhythm sticks for getting people making elegant music from simple means."  S. C.

"Just want to let you know that I've been using the Boomwhackers more and more and receiving wonderful feedback on them... In a group of "fitness adventure tour" participants and a community potluck and drum circle, among other "songs" and instruments we did, the BWs were loved!  So now I've just ordered four more sets. With 30 people coming to the first of what I hope to be a monthly community circle, I'm anticipating needing these real soon, as the group is sure to grow!  And they're getting plenty of use, too, with the Alzheimer and dementia folks, other seniors, and the developmentally delayed adults. I'm gradually getting this work out into more segments of community and special populations, and staff at some of the facilities are already wanting to order your product, as one of their staples."  Laurie Loeb

"...the six-month pilot project with Alzheimer & dementia patients at the local nursing home was a huge success.  In Sept. I'll be also be starting a weekly session at a facility for the developmentally delayed.  I've used the Boomwhackers several times in various settings, including some community drum circles.  Most recent was last weekend at an outdoor festival.  Everyone loves them." Laurie Loeb

"I am a teacher in a special needs school.  I saw a friend with some Boomwhackers - of course wanted some.  I think they are a fine piece of equipment.  I am a music therapist and always after intruments which are indestructable!"  H. W.


We are up and rolling here in Pella with your Boomwhackers.  They are the neatest, simplest, most astonishing things I have used in a long time.  I got the whole kittenkabootle.  Our entire office staff wondered what had arrived... so we got the Boomwhackers out and immediately put an impromptu group of whackers together.  We played for a good hour.  Thanks for your creativity... Peter Meerwarth, Third Reformed Church, Pella Iowa

"We just love your Boomwhackers and use them in our church service with our 'Krystal Bells'.  The kids (ages 4-9) just love them, and it has really increased the interest level of the boys in our children’s choir.  Keepin on whackin..."  B. G.

"We have had great success with your Boomwhackers in our annual Christmas Pageant here...  Thousands attend our performances each year and last year the talk of the event was "those kids with the pipes".  Last year we arranged a piece we called, "Carol of the Bells a la STOMP", which combined the percussive grooves of STOMP with the challenging melody of Carol of the Bells."  M. A.

"Just bought a set of Boomwhackers (diatonic scale) and was wondering if you had a chromatic set available...  I am a youth minister, and can see many uses for your tubes in my work!  Thanks for creating them...they are a blast!"  Rev. G. M.

"I am director of a handbell choir that does many unusual performances. We have become excited about Boomwhackers."  R. W.

"I just got my first set of whackers today.  I can't wait to get the youth in my Church congregation interested in these things.  They aren't interested in singing, but whacking is right down their line.  Since I am a drummer/percussionist from way back, I think I could lead them in making some very cool music with the whackers.  I'm so glad these instruments are available.  I wish I would have stumbled on them sooner!  Thank you, a million times, for sharing your invention with the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  D.

"I direct 3 handbell choirs at a church in Toronto.  When we were attending a conference in Maine this summer, one of the bell choirs performed in the talent show with Boomwhackers.  My teenagers were enthralled and wanted me to pursue the possibility of getting them for our group."  C. M.

"We were at a conference in Maine this past weekend and saw the Boomwhackers.  They were great and looked like a lot of fun.  I think our church groups could have a wonderful time with them." K. S.

"We are using these in our church children's choir and they love them.  We performed with them one Sunday and now the adults want to use them. "  E. R.

"My husband and I bought some Boomwhackers on vacation in Disney World.  We love them.  He is a Youth Pastor at a church, and we currently have handbells. We would like to use Boomwhackers to lead music at our next youth service.  I am an Elementary teacher and would love to pass on a catalogue to the music department. I am also interested in using Boom Whackers for our 5th grade unit on sound."  P. F.

"I ordered four sets of the Boomwhackers for our church.  We love them and have performed once for the congregation (to a standing ovation)."  G. J.

"...We would like to order Boomwhackers for our mid-week children's choir program."  L. R.


"Primo!  The Boomwhackers tubes are simple, accurately tuned and lots of fun.  As a music facilitator, they fill my needs very well."  Arthur Hull

"The tubes are a perfect vehicle to fulfill my mission of bringing people together in harmony through drumming and percussion."  Paulo Mattioli

"Boomwhackers tubes are as easy as 1..." Kalani

"I love the Boomwhackers!  They are a fun, versatile, unique and very musical instrument.  I've used them for kids to corporations, from stage to studio, and they always move people and put smiles on their faces."   Jim Greiner

"Working with Boomwhackers teaches people everything they need to know about participating in a rhythm circle.  I highly recommend them."  Robert Friedman, Author of The Healing Power of the Drum

"Boomwhackers are the best recreational music tools ever created. The tubes make it easy to facilitate a creative non- competitive atmosphere that fosters learning.  From Preschoolers  to senior citizens and all ages in between, Boomwhackers rule!"  John Yost

"I bought 10 sets of Boomwhackers and have been using them ever since all over the place as a part of my drum circles and for conference energizers and ice breakers!  I am always getting requests for them after my events.  I love to work with these very fun and funky 'tools for unity'."  Judy Atkinson

"We already own one set and find them excellent for kids improvisation workshops."  E. R.

"The Boomwhackers are some of the most intuitive kids (and adults?) musical instruments made... they should always be included in any rhythm program interested in generating creativity amongst kids or adults."  K. T.

"I got them on Friday, in time for my Girl Scout Gig--where there turned out to be 100 more people than we were told.  It went very well, and your invention was a big hit."  S. J.

"I am working with very large drum circles and love including the Boomwhackers. Thanks so much," S. H.

"I love using them - they really add a musical element to a drum circle."  P. H.

"I love my Boomwhackers and so does every group to which I bring them."  M. P.


"They are an immediate fountain of youth and inspiration to jam non-stop.  I love these things!" Jorge Bermudez

"The Boomwhackers tubes are a fun way to get kids involved in the melodic and harmonic aspects of music while learning rhythm."   Chalo Eduardo

"Boomwhackers create a unique journey into the groove when you play them, and the precisely tuned, sweet sound creates a comfortable mood and touches the heart with love."  Giovanni Hidalgo

"They're a real crowd pleaser!"  Zakir Hussain

"Man, they are great!  It would be really beautiful to see 2000 people playing a rehearsed piece with them." Airto Moreira

"Boomwhackers are some groovy tubes.  They add an intriguing color to my recordings, and they are a highlight at our concerts and drum circles."  Steve Reid

"The beauty of percussion instruments such as these Boomwhackers is that, through them, both children and experienced professional players meet on the common ground of pure musical fun!" Frank Colon

"I'm a professional drummer/percussionist based in NYC.  I first discovered Boomwhackers at the Anaheim Winter NAMM Show a couple of years ago and have used them in a variety of situations ever since, always with great results. In our live performances I have also begun using the "D" in my featured drum solo. Many of our fans are telling me it's one of the highlights of the show !  Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work !  Shannon Ford

"Metro Theater Company is one of the USA's foremost touring ensembles for young people and families.  We commission, develop and tour new or original theater pieces. In our 27 years, we have toured 38 states, 3 foreign countries and won many awards for outstanding artistry, creativity and education... This season we are premiering a new work entitled More Stuff.  Since we've begun touring (70 shows to date) young people in our audiences are captivated by its "cool sound" and colorful appearance.  Teachers get excited about this terrific, new teaching instrument.  We are thinking of incorporating Boomwhackers in our professional development for teachers, Reaching All the Learners Through the Arts."  Joan Briccetti, Managing Director

"I am a Traditional Performing Artist and do many programs with schools, educator conferences and youth programs throughout the year.  I'm very excited about Boomwhackers and would like to include them in my trunk of "good stuff for kids"...  I first saw your Boomwhackers at Young Artist workshops.  It is a three week program working with accessible art for children with disabilities... They are a great product..."  S. J.


In the Schools

"I'm in charge of music in a small English primary school, and I recently bought a set of Boomwhackers. They are great - a brilliant aural and visual aid to teaching children about pitch, and they always raise a smile too."  Graham Rickson

"I'm  living in Berlin, Germany and giving workshops for music teachers all over Germany and using the Boomwhackers very often.  In Chile lots of music teachers already know them because the Chilean government has set up a program called "pasantías" for teachers where they send several hundreds of teachers to different countries for 6-8 weeks every year, to learn new teaching methods and get to know new materials for their classes, and for four years I've been working with the group of music teachers here in Berlin.  We always introduced the Boomwhackers and experimented a lot with this new instrument, and lots of the teachers bought them here and took them back to Chile. They are really crazy about them because they are super for big groups as they have in the Chilean schools, and they are not too expensive, which is very important in Chile, too."  Connie Villaseca

"Last month at a Dalcroze Summer School held at Canterbury, alongside all the Church of England Archbishops, one of the students brought her set of Boomwhackers. They had been a present from her daughter who had recently returned from California.  As teachers we were immediately struck by how useful they would be, especially for young children."

"Greetings from Budapest!  I teach elementary music at the American International School of Budapest, Hungary.  I bought a bag of your percussion tubes (C scale) while visiting a friend this summer in Seattle, Washington.  My students and I LOVE them.  Fortunately for me, these things were not too heavy and didn't take up much room in my suitcase... I'm going to an international music conference in Hamburg in November and I'll tell my music colleagues in other international schools about these wonderful 'Boomwhackers'."  C. C.

"I am the headteacher of a school in England and we have just been privileged to work with a group called Drum Crazy along with 8 other schools culminating in a celebration of the ARTS with many parents. We used the Boomwhackers and were so impressed with them.  In fact they are fantastic!!"  M. L.

"We have just taken delivery of a 25-note set of Boomwhackers and I just had to tell you how excited we are - not sure if the teachers or the pupils are worse!  I was even more excited when I discovered your Website - it's brilliant and really makes me feel part of something great!  I look forward to experimenting with our new Boomwhackers in the weeks and months ahead...  Thank you so much,"  E. D.  (Scotland)

"The Boomwhackers are a hit in South Africa!  I am extremely busy doing rounds at schools.  We plan a few Boomwhacker workshops.  B.

Just a note from a complete stranger to compliment you on the Boomwhackers.  What a great idea. I'd seen STOMP (only once, unfortunately) and was amazed by their entire "tube" thang, so was thrilled to find something I could use similarly.  I'm a self-employed musician/storyteller/writer who is part of a wonderful program called "Artists In The Schools" here in Canada.  ... please accept my compliments and kudos on a great product."  K. F.

"wow! i discovered your boomers in our music room (i'm an elementary teacher -gr4- at an int'l school in manila, philippines). just wanted to tell you they are SO NEAT!!!!!!! kinda WHACKY, actually. can't wait to get some of my own!!! great idea!"  s. r.

"I'm writing you from Chile, South America.  I'm a musician, and also working in experimental workshops, in kindergartens and schools. My workshop is called - "The Sound of Silence" Musical Exploration... I think they are great.  I would like to spread this all over Argentina and Chile.  I think they can help a lot of music teachers..."  M. R.

"I'm a music teacher from Iceland.  I got to know them in a summer course in Spain last summer.  I was very fond of the tubes."  N.

"This summer I came across the Boomwhackers at a convention for teachers in Amarillo North Texas!  600 teachers all whacking away ... lead by Christine Stevens doing a *wonderful* session for 'Village Music Circles'.  -- you should have seen the faces of those people !!  WOW ... I thought this will be wonderful with the people I work with;  much of my workshop work is currently with disabled children and adults and I'd love to get a large set to work with them.  (At the end of this month I have a 2 days with a group of 60 kids that I'm working with and I know that this is *exactly* the right thing to use.)"  C.  (England.)

"I'm a music teacher at a Primary School in Namibia.  At a recent get together I've been introduced to your wonderful instruments - Boomwhackers, and was very impressed."  C. M.

"I am a music producer for the provincial authority in the province of Buskerud in Norway. We produce over 300 concerts each year for pre-school, elementary school and junior high students. In addition, we produce from 75-100 concerts for hospitals, psychiatric institutions, mainstreamed groups of physically and/or mentally handicapped and prisons.  We are currently in the middle of producing a series of concerts called "BadaBOOM!"... Imagine my delight at finding Boomwhackers during a WEB search (I figured that anything with the word "boom" in it might make a sound I could use). They fit very neatly into the production and the fact that they are color-coded makes them excellent for use with children of all ability levels.  One of the BadaBOOM productions will be used to give handicapped kids a creative musical experience. This is especially important since many music activities for these children are based on traditional models which require reading some sort of notation, fine motor skills and little or no composition. With instruments like the Boomwhacker, it is possible to create productions where the kids strongest skills (large motor skills, social behaviors, color recognition and mobility) are utilized. Thoughout the piece, they can interact and make suggestions for the form of the music as well as begin to compose new pieces.  The other BadaBOOM production will be going out to the elementary schools. The kids and their teachers will participate in the entire creative process... I expect Boomwhackers to be an important part of this production. Thanks for a much needed musical resource."  S. R.

"I work as a Percussion tutor in Ireland mainly in schools nationwide and only recently discovered your Boomwhackers.  What an utterly brilliant instrument, particularly with smaller children (4 - 8 years).  ...your product is ideal for classroom work with large class sizes (30-40 pupils)."  K. V.

"After witnessing for the first time at the Beijing Orff-Schulwerk seminar, I am convinced that the Boomwhackers are a breakthrough and a more cost effective instruments to use in classroom teaching.  They will be able to reach to the very young, the school-age children, adult and even the senior citizen (and I'm daring to say that it will even help the children with special needs and physically challenged). Therefore, I was really exhilarated to have found " Boomwhackers". Boomwhackers are the answer to a more cost effective music classroom instrument with very light weight and easily managed by many non-musician teachers in the schools. I'm sure musician or non-musician will find the Boomwhackers to be an excellent musical instrument.  Last Saturday, I have conducted a " parents music workshop" using Boomwhackers and training them to perform for the November concert.  All the participants were non-musician (no musical background), but after using the Boomwhackers , they found it to be so much fun, and those who were rather apprehensive at first with the music workshop thing, started to enjoy it so much."  E. A.  (Southeast Asia)

"The Boomwhackers are now part of a school for underprivileged children and the lady who heads up this school was so excited for the children.  This is a school for all races and they do not have a lot, so something that they can all be part of, and do together is great."  W. L.  (South Africa)

"I teach workshops in schools here in Vancouver on Boomwhackers and have just started working with the elderly in care facilities. I got some oldie 30's music playing as I gave the Boomwhackers out and had everyone whack their walkers to the beat!! It worked well! I can't tell you the great times I've had with kids of all ages with these crazy tubes." L. L.

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"...I am Music Director at the Ark Childrens Cultural Centre in Dublin, Ireland... I have been using anklungs here for a long time and have been desperate to find something as fundamentally wonderful.  I guess you have just provided me with (at long last)  a new way of introducing rhythm and harmony which is, most importantly FUN!! I am currently working on the music for a play about the childhood of the percussionist Evelyn Glennie and am planning to use Boomwhackers extensively in the score... It is the only cultural centre for children in Europe and produces and commissions work in all art forms for and by children.  I am also planning to use them for teacher training and some corporate stuff that I do.  Please feel free to quote me as saying that they are a fantastic instrument for children and everyone who is still a child inside."  David Boyd

"We had a great time in London!  The kids performed REALLY well they were all tuned into each other and the audience! The adjudicator had some really nice things to say about the piece.  She confessed to not having heard Boomwhackers before but I think she liked what she saw (so did the audience!)."  R. C.

"Everyone - just everyone - wants to know what they are and where they're from and aren't they amazing and isn't the sound beautiful."  S. H.

"I love them.  Great idea and brilliant production of an excellent musical instrument!!!  You've brought the making of music to people who would otherwise never have it available to them.  Bravo!"  S. H. (Canada)

"We've got Boomwhackers Percussion Tubes accidentally some days ago, and we would like to say it is fantastic.  Simple and great – we love it! We just want to know how can we order from here, Hungary.  We do see much in your product so we'd like to take part in it with pleasure."

"I am really impressed by your Boomwhackers... they are amazing." J. (Ireland)

"I wish you could be here to see all the children's faces when I arrive on site.  They call out 'JJ JJ! 'Music please!' The tubes are more than a big hit. The Habitat people, while a bit skeptical at first are dyed in the wool believers that NO BUILD should be without Boomwhackers.  They have witnessed the power of music to transcend all barriers, and boy do we have them here! Economic, language (ZULU), and any other you care to name.  All my team members have been having a ball with the tubes.  Some of them were really skeptical too, but so many have come up to me privately and said how fantastic this experience has become because of the tubes, and they know it would not be this great without them. J. A. (South Africa, on a Habitat for Humanity build)

"I had a brilliant experience using the Boomwhackers and would like to buy some in England..."  T.

"... I'm a member of the italian percussion quartet...  We composed a very easy but funny "encore" to be played with BOOMWHACKERS and we gained a great success!"  F. D.

I found out about your whackers through Don Davidson, from Santa Cruz, California.  He came to Argentina to offer a "Facilitating Drum Circles" workshop in which I participated.  I really enjoyed when Don pulled out the whackers in a large group of people who had never been exposed to making music or playing percussion...  Everybody came up with a big smile after the musical exercise with the tubes... I'm now volunteering some hours in an institution/community for recovering drug addicts.  I'm teaching them some basic percussion and a few "ethnic" songs.  I find your tubes great to teach some percussion/music principles..."  H. I.

"I'm a composer... I use your tubes in some of my compositions.  I love them.  P. E.  (France)

"I own a set of Boomwhackers, myself and my kids think they are fabulous.  I run my own business, wind and water....kites and essential toys,  Boomwhackers easily qualify as essential toys and much more.  Thanks very much," D. F.  (Scotland)

"I've used them 3 times and am extremely happy to have them as an inexpensive resource in my kit.  I used them yesterday with a group of children with profound special needs... some got a bit chewed  but it was wonderful to have such an immediate all inclusive resource."  J.W.  (U.K.)

"It's great to know I can get them in New Zealand.  I'm looking to use them mainly with adults: Management - leadership, conflict and harmony, dynamics of teams ( chords); Church - worship - learning new skills for the non - musical - making harmony - experiencing freedom in worship."  G. H.

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