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Okay, so we made most of these up.  But you can experience them!  A quick read through the Glossary may awaken your imagination for having even more fun with the Tubes.

Boppin':  Playing the Tubes with mallets, etc. (Boom O Phone - B O P, bop!)

Carvin' the Air:  Executing really cool moves with your Tubes while Whackin'.
Cruisin':  Experiencing the Groove while Boppin' or Whackin'.
Cuttin' Loose:  1. Doing your own thing.  2. Lots of people doing their own thing, mostly Smackin' (in other words, not keeping a beat).
Duelin':  Whackin' with one or more other people and producing rhythmic sounds by striking each others' Tubes.
Flashin':  Creating your own conspicuous, advanced rhythmic pattern on top of a group Groove.
Groove:  The magical space you enter when you're Boppin' or Whackin' by yourself or with others and experience the flow of the rhythm you're making.
Howlin':  Producing any kind of vocal sounds while Whackin'.
Jammin':  Boppin' or Whackin' with one or more other people playing the Tubes  (or other instruments).
Shakin':  Simultaneous Whackin' and dancing of any form.
Smackin':  Playing your Tubes without any rhythmic purpose.  (See Whackin'.)
Tube Jam:  The act of Jammin' with only or mostly the Tubes.
Tubes:  What everyone automatically calls the Boomwhackers Musical  Tubes (because that's what they are!).
Of the nature of the Tubes (in other words, very cool!).
Wailin':  Simultaneous Howlin' and Shakin'.
Whackin':  Playing the Tubes and keeping a beat!  (See Smackin'.)

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