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Printing the Cards: Cards are arranged in sets to make it easy to choose just the ones you need. For example, if a song has only three chords, just print the ones you want from the relevant set. If you have only the diatonic set, use diatonic signals. If you also have the chromatic and /or treble extension sets, use the other relevant cards.

They are formatted for a standard 8.5 x 11” page in shades to match the tubes. Make sure your printer heads are cleaned and the colors are balanced for best results. Due to differences in printers and ink, results may vary. It is also possible to copy the files to disk and take them to a print shop to be done. We recommend printing the cards on cardstock and writing the name of the chord or note on the back for the director’s convenience. If signals must be printed on paper, tape them to cardboard for more rigidity.

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