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are brightly colored musical tubes that have won many awards including Best 25 of 25 Years from Parents' Choice. They are a favorite of music educators around the world and are also used by professional musicians, in teambuilding, in music therapy and more!



       !! PLASTIC MUSIK !!

These whacky guys performed for two months at Busch Gardens in Tampa in 2006.  Company President and Boomwhackers inventor, Craig Ramsell, calls their performances "the most amazing thing I've ever seen anyone do with the tubes!"

"Drill Team"

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Our Plastic
Musik friends show off their drum line skills in this clip. Watch for the tones to get lower when Andy and Chris (on the right) play capped tubes.


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In this clip, Plastic Musik plays a fine
rendition of When the Saints Go Marchin'
In, complete with an introduction from which the song sneaks up on you.

"Peter Gunn"

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Mancini meets musical tubes. The bass octave tubes are featured in this fine performance of Henry Mancini's theme song from this late 50's - early 60's detective show.


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No, this isn't music from the early 50's movie, "Show Boat." It's just what we decided to nickname this clip that features Justin, Teddy, Jeremy, Andy and Chris struttin' their stuff individually.

Whacky Music would like to thank Plastic Musik for the cool stuff they're doing with the tubes. A special thanks to Jeremy
Price, who formed the group and arranges all the music and routines. We can't wait to see them in action again!

Colored Music System

The Boomwhackers Tubes' colors are based on the CHROMA-NOTES™ Colored Music System. The colors start with "C" being red and essentially proceed through the color wheel as the notes progress through the chromatic musical scale.

We are working on increasing the number of instruments available using this color scheme.

Winner of four awards: our Boomophone™ XTS Whack Pack

The Whack Pack combines the our XyloTote™ Tube Holder and our award-winning C Major Diatonic Scale Tube Set with our Mallets, our Whack-a-Doodle-Doo! Songbook and a Cap.  Now you can play the Tubes like a xylophone and roll it all up to tote it wherever you like!

A "Quacky" Old MacDonald

Well, it's not Plastic Musik, but it's the best that Craig can do, as he gets whacky and quacky singing Old MacDonald with a “duck” voice while playing accompaniment on his one-of-a-kind tube vest.

Ellen's Tips, Color Signals and More

Okay, so it was the 2004 Music Awards. They're still cool pix. Or check out the handy Color Signals or some tips from our Director of Educational Materials!

Whacky Music goes to the American Music Awards.


Ellen's Tips:
Get some tips from Ellen Foncannon, former Director of Educational Materials.  

You are welcome to download your own color signals and notation cards for free:

Color Signals are designed for use with the Tubular™ series books, but can also be used to lead groups playing Boomwhackers.

Notation Cards show the notes on the staff with the matching Boomwhackers musical tube.
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