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This information appears in an instructional insert that is included with each packaged set of our musical tubes.  Skip to the appropriate section by clicking below or simply read on.

Two other sections that are included in the insert do not appear below because the information appears elsewhere on this site:  "Note the Notes" in the insert gives specific information about each set that can be found at THE TUBES, and the GLOSSARY has its own page.

There's also a special section of information specifically for the Boomophone™ XTS Whack Pack, which appears only in the instructional insert for that product.



Please "Tune" your tubes before you play them.
The tubes sound best when their cross-section is basically round.  They may be oval or flattened out when you purchase them or get that way through playing or storage.

For the best sound, simply "smoosh" the tube (apply pressure along its length) with your hands until it becomes basically round again.



Your Boomwhackers are very durable and should last indefinitely with normal use.

We recommend: Avoid whacking abrasive surfaces, which can scratch the tubes.  Avoid whacking directly on the tube's label.

Avoid use of excessive force.  Exercise care with longer tubes to avoid bending them.  Strike the playing surface a few inches from the end of the tube.

Clean with a soft, damp cloth.  Use a mild soap if necessary.  Rinse with water and dry.

Store indoors away from sunlight.



Here are a few tips for playing your BOOMWHACKERS percussion tubes:
Pick up one or two and start whacking!  They have a "sweet spot" - for the best tone - a few inches from the end of the tube.

Whack almost anything, like a table, a chair, the floor, your thigh or hand, the side of your shoe . . . whatever!  Different surfaces can produce different sounds ("timbres"), but always the same musical pitch.

Whack a BOOMWHACKERS tube in one hand with something in your other hand, such as a pencil, a stick, a Boomwhacker Whacker™ Mallet, etc.

Whack two BOOMWHACKERS tubes together and - boom! - you have a chord!  Or try two in one hand and whack away!

Play them along with other instruments.  They're always in tune!

Experiment!  Be creative!  Find the sounds you like.

Please use common sense if you choose to whack your body.



Raise and lower the volume of the sound by whacking with more or less force.

Whack a hard surface, such as a table or back of a wooden chair, and see how the sound changes when you cover it with a towel.  Vary the number of layers of the towel.

Hold the tube on the sides (so your fingers are out of the way) and whack the floor so the entire length of the tube strikes the floor at the same time.

Partially block the end of the tube or extend its length with your hand to lower the musical pitch.



Rhythm is the key to playing music and having the most fun with your BOOMWHACKERS tubes.  Everyone has rhythm - it's in the beating of your heart, your breath, your movement.  (Imagine walking without rhythm!)

If keeping a rhythm is new to you, try playing along with your favorite songs and follow the beat.  Become aware of changes in the tempo (or speed) of the music.

Move your body with the rhythm.  Walk in place or tap your foot.  Count your beats out loud.  All these things connect you to rhythm.

Start with simple rhythms, like a basic four beat measure, emphasizing the first beat of each measure:
ONE - Two - Three - Four - ONE - Two - Three - Four  (and so on)

The counts are your downbeats.  Tap your foot so it hits the floor on the downbeats - it will reach its high point at the upbeats.  Try adding and emphasizing some notes on the upbeats to create syncopation.

There's so much more to having fun with rhythm!  Experiment!  Check out your local library or music store for some great songbooks and other books and videotapes on music and rhythm!  See our Working with Groups and Educational / Group Materials web pages for more information. (Available for download: Gettin' Whacky Facilitator's Handbook)



The XyloTote Holder holds the Tubes so they can be played like a xylophone, and then it rolls up for easy portability! It holds the 8 tubes and has a pouch for the Songbook and loops to stow the Mallets.  Two or more Holders can even be "daisy-chained" together to extend the playable range.

How to Assemble Your Boomophone™ Musical Instrument
Unfold the XyloTote Holder elastic-side up with the loop portion of "hook & loop" fastener on the right. (The XyloTote logo on the underside will also be on the right.)

Slide each Boomwhackers® Musical Tube through the elastic loops in order of length (and pitch!), starting with the longest one on the left. Center the Tubes and straighten the fabric. 

How to Play Your Boomophone™ 
To play, lay the assembled Boomophone instrument on the table or floor and strike the Tubes with the Mallets. Typically the longest tube will be to the left.

How to Tote Your Boomophone™ 
To tote the Boomophone instrument, roll it up, starting with the longest Tube, and press the hook & loop sections together. Put the Mallets through the small elastic loops, one from each side and place the Songbook in the outside pocket. You're ready to travel! 

Other Info for Your Boomophone™ 

"Daisy-Chaining" Two XyloTote™ Tube Holders
To extend your musical possibilities with, for instance, our Chromatics or Bass Diatonic sets, you can "daisy-chain" two Tube Holders: lay them end to end, with the loop fastener on the right as detailed in the basic assembly instructions. The loop fastener of the Left Holder goes under and connects to the hook fastener on the underside of the Right Holder. The rightmost slot of the Left Holder will not be used. So 7 slots are available on the left and 8 on the right, which works perfectly for combining the Bass Diatonic and Diatonic Tube sets. The extra material at the left end of the Right Holder can be folded between the two tubes so it is out of the way.

Washing Instructions for XyloTote Tube Holder
Hand wash cold, air dry.

About that Cap - 
The Octavator™ Tube Cap lowers the tone produced by a Tube by an octave (or "8 notes") when placed on the end of a Tube. We've included one with this Whack Pack, and 8-Packs are available separately. Try it out - it's pretty cool! And it will come in handy for playing Billy Boy.

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