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This page contains two sections: Company News and ArticlesCompany News is further divided into General and Press Releases.  

As our musical tubes get written up in the press, we'll include information on some of the write-ups in the Articles section.  If you are aware of articles about the tubes that do not appear here, please let us know.  

Company News

Rhythm Band Instruments has taken over the business of Whacky Music, Inc.!

Rhythm Band Instruments LLC (RBI) recently acquired substantially all of the assets of Whacky Music, Inc., as well as the Boomwhackers musical tubes patent and trademark and related intellectual property from Craig Ramsell, inventor of the famous musical tubes.

As a result, RBI will now be the sole worldwide supplier for the former products of Whacky Music, Inc., and has moved Whacky Music's production operations to RBI's facility in Ft. Worth, Texas, and begun filling orders.

RBI will be keeping Whacky Music's distribution channels in place, including domestic and international distribution, other than a few possible exceptions, and is also keeping the Whacky Music branding in place for the product line.

Whacky Music, Inc., has essentially ceased operations and will be dissolved in the near term. Craig Ramsell retained certain intellectual property, including the "Chroma-Notes" trademark and color scheme that is the basis for the colors of the Boomwhackers tubes, and the Chroma-Notes Composer software and Chroma-Notes Stick-Ons products that will be introduced to the market shortly. This intellectual property and these products are now the property of Chroma-Notes LLC, which was newly formed for the purposed of managing and licensing the retained property

RBI has licensed these products from Chroma-Notes LLC and is the exclusive worldwide distributor for the Stick-Ons product and exclusive U.S. distributor for the software, with nonexclusive distribution rights outside the U.S.

The availability of these products through RBI is expected to be announced in the next 60 days

See the press release for additional information.


Press Releases

7/24/09 Rhythm Band Instruments LLC, announces the acquisition of Whacky Music Inc.

7/5/07 Boomwhackers Tubes and Chroma-Notes Instruments added to Finale 2008 Music Notation Software

5/25/06 Boomwhackers Musical Tubes debut on The Tonight Show

1/18/06 Business is Booming! Whacky Music announces sales of Boomwhackers Musical Tubes surpass 4 million mark

1/16/06 Whacky Music Announces the release of new books in their Educational and Group Fun Series

4/27/05 Whacky Music releases new songbook for Sunday School, church music programs

2/3/05  Whacky Music announces completion of three Boomwhackers publishing projects

12/22/04   Award winning Boomwhackers create the latest buzz; more than 3 million sold!

Whacky Music, Inc. announces Major Toy Awards for New Boomophone™  Whack Pack

Whacky Music, Inc. announces major product line expansion.

Whacky Music, Inc. announces recognition of Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Set as one of Best 25 Toys of Past 25 Years by Parent's Choice Foundation.

Whacky Music, Inc. announces it has shipped over 2 million Boomwhackers Musical Tubes.  

Whacky Music, Inc. announces it has shipped over 1 million Boomwhackers Musical Tubes and introduces new songbook.

Whacky Music, Inc. donates Boomwhackers Percussion Tubes to the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation.

In addition to the articles listed below, and as a result of some of the awards noted above, our Boomwhackers Tubes have also been included in write-ups such as Bottom Line Personal magazine (11/15/99) and Creative Child magazine (September-October, '99),


5/06    THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC Article (5/5/2006) entitled "Sedona firm's tuneful tubes a music hit"

8/05    TECHNOLOGY REVIEW Article (8/5/2005) entitled " Whacky Music"

7/05    THE NEW YORK TIMES Article (7/31/2005) entitled "Boomwhackers: Instruments of Democracy" (PDF)

6/05    WASHINGTON POST Article (5/14/05) entitled "They're Thumping a Happy Tune "

6/05    NEWSDAY Article (6/8/05) entitled "Tube tunes "

2/05    NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE Article(2/21/05) "Mozart Never had One"

1/04    SEDONA RED ROCK NEWS Article (1/21/04) entitled "Hitting it big with Boomwhackers percussion" 11/03  DRUM! Magazine Article entitled "Rhythmical Accidents", by Robert Friedman

8/02    THE ROANOKE TIMES Article (8/1/02) Article entitled "Plastic band" 

METROPARENT Magazine Article 
"Give it a Whack!  Like paper towel tubes with an attitude, Boomwhackers® from Whacky Music, Inc., are tuned plastic percussion tubes, each labeled with the musical note it emits, so that you can  perform whole melodies just by drumming them on the nearest hard surface or even clouting yourself  over the head!  It's fun for the whole family . . ."

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN EXPLORATIONS Magazine Article    "As their name implies, these little gems go "boom" when you whack them on something - and they do it in tune.  Different lengths of plastic create different notes.  It's hard not to like them."

   SEDONA RED ROCK NEWS Article (4/6/01) entitled "Whacky Boomwhackers"
"It's a toy.  No, it's a musical instrument.  Boomwhackers, made by Whacky Music Inc., may start another debate like "Certs is a breath mint.  No, it's a candy mint."

AMARILLO GLOBE-NEWS Article (8/10/00) Article on techniques for at-risk students "In another session, Christine Stevens, a drum circle facilitator with the Village Music Circles, demonstrated the benefits of a rhythm-based curriculum and the holistic healing effects of drumming. Each educator had Boomwhackers, brightly-colored tubes with different pitches, and Stevens led the group in the creation of a song. . .  After about 15 minutes of Boomwhacker music, the participants said they felt more calm and in tune with others in the group."

SEATTLE TIMES Article (12/11/98) Article entitled "Seattle Men's Chorus lights up Benaroya Hall" "How to describe the encore?  I'm not going to wreck the surprise.  Let's just say it's a new twist on the hand-bell concept, with 'instruments' that cause new levels of hilarity.  Audience members had to grab their handkerchiefs again - this time for tears of laughter."

INTELLIGENCER JOURNAL (Lancaster, PA) Article (11/24/98) entitled "Inventor makes music tubes after recycling discovery"

MIT Tech Talk Article (6/11/97) Article entitled "Tech Day sessions offer scooters, Boomwhackers" "Before leaving the stage, Professor Flowers introduced Craig Ramsell (SB '73, SM), inventor of the Boomwhacker, a cylindrical plastic tube that comes in many colors and sizes and emits a different sound when banged against the user's hand, the side of his or her head, or the arm of a chair. The tubes were distributed to the audience and Mr. Ramsell, acting as a choirmaster, said, "Let 'er rip." The exit was far from "Pomp and Circumstance."

/97    SEDONA RED ROCK NEWS Article (6/6/97) entitled "Sedona man invents 'whacky' instrument"  "Sedona resident Craig Ramsell may be on to something as cool as the hula hoop.  He has invented a percussion instrument he calls a "Boomwhacker."

    Craig's LOOKAHEAD Article The Lookahead article was written for a now  defunct entertainment periodical for  Marin County, CA.
It's a long one - almost 5000 words, but a reasonably entertaining look back at the early days of Boomwhackers, at least according to Craig.

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