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Rhythm Band Instruments LLC, Announces the Acquisition of Whacky Music Inc.


July 24, 2009

Fort Worth, Texas based Rhythm Band Instruments LLC, announces the acquisition of Whacky Music Inc., of Sedona, Arizona. Through an agreement to purchase all of the assets of Whacky Music, as well as related product patents held by Whacky founder and Boomwhacker inventor Craig Ramsell, RBI will immediately take over manufacture and worldwide sales of the popular Boomwhacker line of products. RBI will also be the exclusive US and Canadian distributor of Chroma-Notes™ Composer software which was also developed by Ramsell and is expected to reach the market place by Fall of 2009. RBI will also distribute the English language version of Chroma-Notes Composer to Whacky’s foreign distribution network.

According to RBI president Brad Kirkpatrick, “Rhythm Band is extremely excited to be able to acquire Whacky Music. Boomwhacker tubes have developed such a special place in music education, recreational music making, and even mainstream music performance and recording, that we feel this is a tremendous boost to RBI’s already significant product offerings.”  After an evening of sightseeing by Ramsell and Kirkpatrick during the last Shanghai Music Fair it was agreed that RBI would pursue the opportunity to acquire Whacky Music. “Craig and I have enjoyed a strong business relationship over the past six or seven years and I have a great deal of respect for what he has created. We are proud that Craig felt comfortable turning over the reins of his company to the team at RBI.” With RBI’s established brand and strong reputation, and with Kirkpatrick’s extensive international music products manufacturing and distribution background, Ramsell felt that RBI had the essentials that he was looking for in order to service Whacky Music’s distributor and dealer network throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Ramsell will continue to promote the Chroma-Notes color scheme, which is the basis of the note-by-note color pattern of Boomwhacker tubes, through his company, Chroma-Notes LLC.  In addition to Chroma-Notes Composer, Chroma-Notes Stick-Ons will be available soon as well. These stick on labels utilizing the Chroma-Notes color scheme, will make it easy to color-code existing instruments such as pianos, steel pan, xylophones, etc. with the Boomwhacker colors. Rhythm Band has exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the Stick-Ons product in addition to the software distribution rights noted above.

“It was time for me to pass the torch.” states Ramsell. “I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone that supported the success of Whacky Music in any way, and I’m confident that Rhythm Band’s market presence and the team they have in place will bode very well indeed for the future of my musical creation.  I’m also very excited about these important new product introductions and am confident they will add strong support to Rhythm Band’s success as the proud new owners of the existing Whacky Music product line.”

RBI intends to honor all existing distributor and dealer agreements. “We do not anticipate any changes to the dealer and distributor arrangements that are in place now. There is a strong existing sales network and we don’t intend to upset that in any way,” said Kirkpatrick.   

Sales inquiries and customer service needs will be met at 800-424-4724, or 888-942-2536, or by email at or  Chroma-Notes LLC may be reached at 928-203-4883.

Contact:  Edel Diaz, Sales Manager

Rhythm Band Instruments LLC
PO Box 126
Fort Worth, TX 76101

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