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Sedona, AZ - January 2, 2004 - Whacky Music, Inc., has introduced a wide variety of new products for its award-winning line of Boomwhackers® Tuned Percussion Tubes, including an entire series of educational materials for assisting teachers in using the musical tubes to teach music in the classroom and for group play.

"We are very excited about so many products being introduced in such a short period of time," states Craig Ramsell, President of Whacky Music, Inc., and creator of the Boomwhackers Musical Tubes. "We are particularly thrilled with the response to the new Boomophone™ Whack Pack, which we expect to quickly become our flagship product."

The Boomophone™ XTS Whack Pack combines the popular 8-note C Major Diatonic Scale Boomwhackers set with the new XyloTote™ Tube Holder, Boomwhacker Whacker™ Mallets, the color-coded Whack-a-Doodle-Doo! Children's Songbook, and an Octavator™ Tube Cap. Suggested retail is $49.98.

The XyloTote Tube Holder is designed primarily for the 8-note diatonic set and enables the tubesto be mounted side-by-side so that they can be played like a xylophone with the included mallets. The XyloTote features a strap-like handle, loops to hold the mallets, and a pouch for the songbook, and rolls up for storage or transport. Two or more can be combined end-to-end for a wider range of play. The holder and mallets are also available separately for those who already have Boomwhackers Tubes or want to add to the playable range.

The new Treble Extension Set contains 7 Boomwhackers Tubes in pitches above what was previously available, running chromatically from high C# to high G. "This new set has been developed primarily for the classroom and makes it possible to teach the complete treble clef staff with our Boomwhackers Musical Tubes," states Mr. Ramsell. "So many of our musical tubes rae going into schools for music education that we also decided to create the most comprehensive support system possible through our Educational Series." The first items available in the new Educational Series are Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum, Volume 1, a lesson book and CD; A Tubular™ Christmas Songbook with CD; and the Totally Tubular™ Games and Activities Book with CD. All three titles are by Ellen Foncannon, an accomplished musician, published composer, respected educator, and Director of Educational Materials for Whacky Music, Inc.

Additional Educational Series products include Building Block™ Children's Songs, Volumes 1 and 2, and Building Blocks™ Christmas Songs (all in Tear Out Sheet format). The Building Blocks products are designed for younger kids to learn to play music using a simplified notation system using the colors of the Boomwhackers. Developed by Ohio music educator Cathy Shinaberry, blocks of different widths represent the duration of the musical notes and vertical position on the page shows relative pitch relationship. The available Tear-Out-Sheet versions are designed for classroom use. Many more Educational Series products will be introduced over the upcoming months.

More than two million of Whacky Music's Boomwhackers Musical Tubes have been sold. They are tuned by length to different color-coded musical notes and made of brightly colored plastic. In addition to being enjoyed by children, the tubes are being used by music educators around the world, music therapists, drum circle facilitators, and team-building, motivation and creativity consultants. Producing a unique sound, they have been used on recordings and soundtracks and in numerous professional performances. The Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale set recently received a Best 25 Toys in 25 Years Award from Parents' Choice. Other awards include the Parents' Choice Gold Award, a Dr. Toy's Best 100 Children's Products, and an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal.

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