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Celebrity musicians jam with popular musical tubes at awards shows


Sedona, AZ - December 22, 2004 - Craig Ramsell, President of Whacky, Music, Inc., announced today that the company has sold over 3 million of its innovative, award-winning Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes.  The company has also recently received numerous prestigious awards for its Boomophone™ XTS Whack Pack, a new product which expands the versatility of the popular tubes by enabling them to be played like a xylophone.

"Whacky Music's sales pace continues to accelerat, and these new awards are further evidence of the fact that our Boomwhackers Musical Tubes are fun, educational and a good value," stated Ramsell. "Kids love the tubes because they are colorful, and easy and fun to play with. I have heard so many stories about people's experiences with the tubes, seen so many kids' faces light up when they get their hands on them," added Ramsell.

Ramsell said Boomwhackers were a big hit at two recent entertainment events: The American Music Awards in Los Angeles and the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas. Whacky Music participated, by special invitation only, in the product showcase and celebrity gift bag program for both events.

"Boomwhackers received rave reviews from celebrities at both top award shows, said Ramsell, who invented the patented musical tubes. "To have great artists like Jon Bon Jovi and Kenny G telling us they wanted Boomwhackers for their kids is very rewarding." Both artists also "jammed" on the tubes.

Other celebrities who enjoyed jamming with Boomwhackers included Gene Simmons of KISS, Daryl McDanniels of Run-DMC, female pop singer JoJo, members of the rock groups Train and Maroon 5, speed-rapper Twista, and Kaine of the Ying Yang Twins. Kelly Osbourne said she couldn't wait to entertain her famous parents with the Boomwhackers, and country music star Gretchen Wilson said her daughter really loved them. Anna Nicole Smith sang "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" while playing with the Whack Pack.

Whacky Music products selected for celebrity gift bags at both awards shows were either the Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale set or the Whack Pack with the new Whack Tracks: The Boomwhackers Sessions CD. The Diatonic Scale set was recently named one of the Best 25 Toys in 25 Years by Parents' Choice Foundation. Awards received by the Whack Pack include the Parents' Choice Seal of Approval, the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, iParenting Media Award and Creative Child Magazinee's Top Creative Toys for 2004.

Boomwhackers are a rare combination of musical instrument and toy. Tuned by length to different color-coded musical notes and made of brightly colored plastic, they are not only enjoyed by children, but by the music educators around the world. The tubes produce a unique sound, and have been used on recordings and soundtracks and in numerous professional performances. The age range for Boomwhackers is 3 to 103 years. Boomwhackers are very durable and safe, and last a long time with normal use.

The new Whack Pack is a practical combination of Whacky Music products and contains the 8-tube Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale set, XyloTote™ Tube Holder, Boomwhacker Whacker™ Mallets, Whack-a-Doodle-Doo! Songbook and an Octavator™ Tube Cap that lowers the pitch an octave. It's unique design also makes it easy to roll it up for carrying.

Whacky Music was started in 1998 by Ramsell to produce and distribute the musical tubes he invented in 1994 while recycling a cardboard gift-wrap tube. The tube was too long for the curbside recycling pick-up requirements, so Ramsell cut it in two. He then whimsically played the two pieces on his thighs and whack! — the idea was born right then and there.

Hundreds of thousands of the tubes are being used for music education in tens of thousands of schools around the world. Whacky Music, Inc. also produces numerous accessories for Boomwhackers and an entire line of educational materials for using the tubes in classrooms and other group environments.

For more information, please contact Craig Ramsell at 928-282-3860 or You are also invited to log onto 

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