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  Lots of people have great things to say about our Boomwhackers Tubes!  There's a lot more on the More Quotes page!  All the quotes on this page are repeated there, so if you want to really dive in, head straight to the More Quotes page.  
  FROM KIDS "Thanks a lot for the Boomwhackers.  Since I am just eleven and a beginner percussionist, I really appreciate something to help me practice.  I enjoy banging them on pretty much anything and even though I already have drum sticks and a practice pad, they are a lot more fun.  I hope I will follow through to be a top percussionist and these Boomwhackers might make it that much easier."  J. B.

"...my second grade was putting on a musical for the school.  I was picked to play one of the Boomwhackers.  I want to take percussion when I get into middle school. Then Santa gave me a set of whackers and a book and a CD. I am very happy, and I love playing with my Boomwhackers.  Thank you for making them!   C.

"Hi! My music teacher at school likes your Boomwhackers.  She has us hit them against our shoes, or a bar, but my friend used her head! I am in a special group of singers in 6th grade.  Me and the rest of the 6th grade section of the Symphony Singers don't really quite know your song about Boomwhackers by heart yet."

more from the kids...

FROM PARENTS "My wife and I bought Boomwhackers for our children and we love them.  We would like to get another set or two for the children of some friends.   We think that you have an excellent product and we'd like to be able to share this with our friends."  D. F. (M. D.)

"My 14-year-old is loving his set of Boomwhackers.  Being a talented, young musician, he longs for a complete major scale.  His birthday is coming...how can I get the missing notes into his musical hands before March?  (His mother & My wife is going to use his set in the college music appreciation class she teaches to demonstrate the pitch/length principle.)" 

J. W.
"Bought a set of Boomwhackers today.  They are a hoot.  Planning to take them to a family reunion. Great concept."

more from parents...

FROM EDUCATORS "They are fun, educational and economical, and kids of all ages love them!" Chris Judah Lauder

"Already, teachers and the principal have been by the music room and can't seem to keep their hands off the Boomwhackers.  I'm thinking of having an exploration session with the whole staff just to let them have fun and help me discover cool ways of using these new toys (ahem, I mean instruments)."  J. J.

"Boomwhacker percussion tubes are being used as part of our new high school music curriculum for high school students not involved in band or chorus. We were looking for an inexpensive, attractive, hands on device that would be fun for students and provide a variety of sounds.  Your Boomwhackers have been the perfect solution.  Our students and teachers alike have found the tubes to be a great asset to our curriculum."  Gary Carr, Specialist, Office of Music, Baltimore County Public Schools
more from educators...

"Boomwhackers are a RAINBOW of colors and notes that lead all the groups I work with to a pot of musical gold.  Not only WHACKY and fun - these instruments are therapeutic.  I use them to teach health education with kids, teambuilding with corporations, and relationship skills with foster families. "  Christine Stevens, Director of Music Therapy and Wellness Programs, Remo, Inc.

"...the six-month pilot project with Alzheimer & dementia patients at the local nursing home was a huge success.  In Sept. I'll be also be starting a weekly session at a facility for the developmentally delayed.   Everyone loves them." Laurie Loeb

"I am a teacher in a special needs school.  I saw a friend with some Boomwhackers - of course
wanted some.  I think they are a fine piece of equipment.  I am a music therapist and always after instruments which are indestructable!"  H. W.
more from music therapists...

"I'm a Suzuki Piano and Violin teacher.  I used my 'whackers during Vacation Bible School this year with great success.  I only had two C major sets and the kids especially enjoyed playing the F major Bach invention...in C, of course."  M. K.

"We just love your Boomwhackers and use them in our church service with our 'Krystal Bells'.  The kids (ages 4-9) just love them, and it has really increased the interest level of the boys in our children’s choir.  Keep on whackin..."  B. G.

"We are using these in our church children's choir and they love them.  We performed with them one Sunday and now the adults want to use them. "  E. R.

more from churches...

FROM FACILITATORS "Primo!  The Boomwhackers tubes are simple, accurately tuned and lots of fun.  As a music facilitator, they fill my needs very well."  Arthur Hull

"Working with Boomwhackers teaches people everything they need to know about participating in a rhythm circle.  I highly recommend them"  Robert Friedman, Author of The Healing Power of the Drum

"Boomwhackers tubes are as easy as 1..."  Kalani

"The tubes are a perfect vehicle to fulfill my mission of bringing people together in harmony through drumming and percussion."  Paulo Mattioli

"I love the Boomwhackers!  They are a fun, versatile, unique and very musical instrument.  I've used them for kids to corporations, from stage to studio, and they always move people and put smiles on their faces."   Jim Greiner

"Boomwhackers are the best recreational music tools ever created. The tubes make it easy to facilitate a creative non-competitive atmosphere that fosters learning.  From Preschoolers  to senior citizens and all ages in between, Boomwhackers rule!"  John Yost

more from facilitators...

FROM THE PROS "They are an immediate fountain of youth and inspiration to jam non-stop.  I love these things!" Jorge Bermudez

"The Boomwhackers tubes are a fun way to get kids involved in the melodic and harmonic aspects of music while learning rhythm."   Chalo Eduardo

"Boomwhackers create a unique journey into the groove when you play them, and the precisely tuned, sweet sound creates a comfortable mood and touches the heart with love."  Giovanni Hidalgo

more from the pro's...

FROM AROUND THE WORLD "Greetings from Budapest!  I teach elementary music at the American International School of Budapest, Hungary.  I bought a bag of your percussion tubes (C scale) while visiting a friend this summer in Seattle, Washington.  My students and I LOVE them.  I'm going to an international music conference in Hamburg in November and I'll tell my music colleagues in other international schools about these wonderful 'Boomwhackers'."  C. C.

"We have just taken delivery of a 25-note set of Boomwhackers and I just had to tell you how excited we are - not sure if the teachers or the pupils are worse!  I was even more excited when I discovered your Website - it's brilliant and really makes me feel part of something great!  I look forward to experimenting with our new Boomwhackers in the weeks and months ahead...  Thank you so much,"  E. D.  (Scotland)

"The Boomwhackers are now part of a school for underprivileged children and the lady who heads up this school was so excited for the children.  This is a school for all races and they do not have a lot, so something that they can all be part of, and do together is great."  W. L.  (South Africa)

more from around the world........

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